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Thats what a school teacher in a school teacher thinks. When this poorly informed lady found one of her students distributing free copies of the HeliOS Linux distribution she went ballistic. Not only did she claim that it was illegal she even went ahead and confiscated all the copies and put the student on detention.

This incompetent lady then contacted the vendor of the Linux distribution and wrote to the vendor:

I am sure you strongly believe in what you are doing but I cannot either support your efforts or allow them to happen in my classroom. At this point, I am not sure what you are doing is legal. No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful.

I along with many others tried Linux during college and I assure you, the claims you make are grossly over-stated and hinge on falsehoods. I admire your attempts in getting computers in the hands of disadvantaged people but putting Linux on these machines is holding our kids back.

Putting on a carnival show for an operating system is not helping these children at all. I am sure if you contacted Microsoft, they would be more than happy to supply you with copies of an older verison [sic] of Windows and that way, your computers would actually be of service to those receiving them…

Well nothing could be further away from the truth than these preposterous claims of her’s. This Miss/Mrs Know-Nothing-At-All is probably the worst influence on the children she is supposedly “teaching”. Her thoughts seem to be bounded and as for operating systems that only thing that apparently exists for her is Microsoft Windows. Not even the famous and enormously popular Apple Mac OS?

Such stupid and incompetent people are one of the reasons why our younger generation are more enslaved to the bindware that comes of the Microsoft’s stables. Teachers are supposed to set the minds of those they teach free. Instead this lady was actually trying to covert them to vassals of one large corporation.

On another note, this incident should appear alarming to the Linux and by extension the entire open source software community. It is this exact mindset that we have to overcome to be successful. Microsoft with its billions of dollars was, is and will continue to brainwash people into believing that Windows is the only truth and nothing else exists.