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With the release date of Apple’s new laptops growing nearer, the web is live with speculations and rumours. A newer one is that Apple is going to launch a MacBook for $800. Apparently retail stores have already received price lists for the new laptops and they range from $800 to $3100.

And here’s why I feel that a $800 laptop from Apple is really a lot of hogwash. This statement is based on how Apple wants to be perceived. Ever since its shift to Intel based motherboards, Apple has gained more momentum with its laptops and desktop systems. In spite of this Apple has always maintained a very high markup on its hardware though the components it uses are pretty much the same when compared to Windows laptops. So why would Apple do so? Simple Apple wants to be perceived as an exotic entity. They want their customers to feel exclusive. What better way to achieve this than to markup their prices to the extent of putting their products beyond most people?

The only thing that would probably justify Apple’s pricing is their operating system. The Mac OS is right now the most user friendly system on the planet and Apple has every right to ask a premium for it. But when you add this premium to the already high markup that Apple keeps for commodity hardware, the final price just goes beyond most people. 

So the $800 MacBook is probably nothing but a lot of hogwash. What might be available at $800 from Apple maybe a netbook. What would Apple call it? The Mac NetBook?