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There are many who had sent out an e-mail when in an inappropriate state of mind and then resented having done so. Till now there was no solution to this. Google though has come up with an answer. Its called Google Mail Goggles. What it does is to make it more difficult for you to send mails during certain time periods that you can specify. 

Goggles when enabled asks you to solve a few simple math problems before you can send an e-mail. Of course the time period when Goggles should be active can be configured. Here’s a screen shot:

Suppose you set the activation time to be between 12 AM and 4 AM. During that time period anytime you want to send an e-mail, Goggles would popup a screen similar to the one above and require you to solve the problems correctly before the mail is sent out. The reasoning is if you are not in the “right” state of mind (read drunk or exteremely pissed off) you would be deterred to send the mail. 

Goggles is a totally useless and ridiculous widget in my opinion even though its from Google.