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There is a huge amount of speculation going on about what Apple’s next line of laptops would be. There have been purpotedly leaked images; some of those looked really ugly too. Amidst all this the name of a gadget called the ‘Brick’ surfaced time and again. Some said it was a code name for Apple’s tablet laptop with advanced touch technology while others stated it was the next version of the Mini. Even some photos surfaced that showed what the ‘Brick’ would look like. Well unfortunately everybody was wrong. Here’s what it is.

The ‘Brick’ is a new manufacturing process designed by Apple to carve out laptop casings from a single block or brick of aluminum. Using lasers and water jets Apple intends to carve out a single piece laptop casing from a block of aluminum thus making the casing more robust. This new manufacturing technology would enable Apple to launch laptop designs that do not use any screws.

That’s pretty much it. By the way there is some news that Apple’s next gen laptops are going to pack a mean graphics punch making those laptops more suitable as gaming rigs. The thing is games are still a bastion of Windows. So does Apple hope to lure Windows users on to its hardware? If they do it might make sense to offer an Apple laptop without the Mac OS leading to a more affordable machine.