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According to statistics gathered by Net Applications, the market share of Google’s Chrome seems to be diminishing. Within an hour of its release on Sept 2, 2008, Chrome had captured about 1% of the browser market. This share is apparently declining steadily. According to reports, users who had switched to Chrome from Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are going back to those.

Here are some of the figures:

Apple’s Safari has remained more or less unaffected by the launch of Chrome. This is because Google is yet to launch Chrome for the Mac platform. 

Chrome’s decline is being attributed to a couple of factors. Firstly, many companies mandate the use of IE in the workplace. That is one of the reasons that Chrome’s acceptance has not improved. Secondly Google had not put in much effort in marketing its browser. Even though Chrome shows up as the first hit on Google search, on Yahoo its second while on Windows Live it does not seem to appear on the first page.

A silver lining to this seemingly dark cloud is the fact that the number of people using Chrome increases during after work hours.