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Okay so Apple has been extremely successful with its portable devices the iPod and iPhone. These have achived a must-have status amongst young and the young-at-heart. The iPod is considered the defacto standard in portable music players. The iPhone is not that far away in achieving a similar status. But what’s next? Yes,yes, we have heard of the launch of the next generation of iPods, blah blah blah. The question is what’s going to be the next big thing from Apple?

Here are two possibilities.

Apple gaming console/controller: The iGamer?

There was a report about some company trying to make the iPod touch work as a gaming controller. How about Apple developing a portable gaming console? They have the technology. The iPod touch chasis can be used for that. Something like the Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS. That would be great to have. And coming from Apple its going to be right there with the big boys in terms of quality and content. The iPod touch already has the haptic capabilities and good screen resolution. For Apple this would be an area worth foraying into. They can go a step further and make the portable gaming console also behave as a game controller.

Apple GPS navigation system: The iSteer?

Once again an area that is flooded with offerings that are unattractive and plain and simple boring. This is an area that Apple can look at sprucing up. They already have navigation software loaded on the iPhone. Add to that the touch technology that Apple posseses and we could have a clear winner. Surely Apple’s product is going to look and feel way ahead of the competition. They already have all the pieces of the puzzle and the only thing they have to do is put them together to complete the bigger picture.

Right now Apple is the most popular consumer electronic company. It makes very good business sense to start working on products in existing areas that can be vastly improved. They have the past experience. The iPod and iPhone were nothing new as a concept; we did have MP3 players and phones from other manufacturers. But Apple changed the rules of the game with its iconic products. There is no reason why it can’t do the same once more.