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Google Chrome, the latest browser to enter the arena, has already seen quite a few downloads and reports. There have been rave reviews and circumspection. Only time can say whether it would be a success. 

Google Chrome is a from-scratch browser that incorporates quite a few new design methodologis and performance boosting technologies. The most talked about of those is the new V8 JavaScript virtual machine. 

To get more data on the browser’s peformance Google enables certain special URLs commonly known as about: commands. Mozilla Firefox implements quite a few of them. Also its not all work and no play for the folks at Google. Check out this one – about:internets. Here are a few of the rest:

about:, about:version – shows the version

about:cache – shows cache information

about:plugins – shows information on plugins

about:memory – shows memory usage information

about:stats – shows statistics

about:network – shows network activity data

about:histograms – performance information

about:crash – crashes the active browser tab

These commands will surely help developers get an insight into how their applications are behaving inside Google Chrome.