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Recently I picked up an iPhone 3G to find out what the changes were with regards to web browsing. I checked out quite a few high volume web sites. The Safari browser rendered the stuff quite well though the speed was pathetic at times. Maybe it was due to the network connection. So then I thought of visiting my blog site at https://prosenjit23.wordpress.com. Safari showed up the site pretty nicely. I zoomed in on a couple of items and zoomed back to normal size. Things were working fine when I thought of clicking on a link to a post. First of all you would have to zoom in to do that effectively. Well that’s okay. But when I did click, the link did not seem to respond. I tried a couple of times more and then met with success. That was not expected. Anyway, I tried to go back to the home page and that is when the nastiest of surprises came up. I tried clicking on the Home link at the top of my blog and it just did not respond. No matter how many times I tried, it won’t work. I tried the same with the About link and had the same experience. So why is this so? No idea. Is there something wrong with the iPhone Safari browser or is it something to do with WordPress and their blog templates?

Another pain was using the on-screen keyboard. You really have to have the fingers of a new born baby to work well with that. Everytime I tried to type in a key inevitably I typed the wrong character. A stylus will surely help.