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Apple has been granted a U.S. patent for technology that could very well be used for developing a touch screen based Apple computer or tablet.

Tablet PCs, though existent, have failed to take off in the past partly because the supporting software was not advanced enough. Apple might just overcome those hurdles and maybe we would get a tablet that would define the future course for tablets. Even though Microsoft’s Surface computer provides a very good touch-technology, its intended use is for very specific and tailored applications and not for a general purpose operating system running a variety of applications.

AppleInsider carried a few photos that show what Apple is working on for the tablet.

The following photo shows how windows can be managed using a touch screen:

The following photo shows how the scrolling function can be performed:

The virutal keyboard that would respond to multiple keypresses:

A virtual scroll wheel:

Hopefully we would not have to wait long before Apple reveals this device.