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Google’s mobile operating system Android has generated a lot of interest among developers. This was also helped to a large extent by Google’s Android challenge that resulted in a lot of applications being developed for the Android platform. It’s no secret that the HTC Dream or the T-Mobile G1 is going to be the first Android powered phone to reach the market. In a previous post, I had mentioned that whether or not the Android phone really poses a challenge to the iPhone would be determined by how Google is going to offer consumers applications for the phone. Well, looks like Google was listening and the answer comes in the form of the Android Market place.

The Android Market would be available in its beta version on the first handsets to hit the market. Through the software consumers can download new applications for their Android powered phones. The software will be in the YouTube style where developers can publish content easily. Google says that support for unpaid applications will be provided initially and later on a policy for supporting paid applications will be worked out.

Whether the Android Market will be as successful as Apple’s App Store will really be decided by how much developer interest is generated by Google. The least we can expect is that the more popular applications on the App Store would be replicated for the Android Market.