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Yahoo has rolled out a new mobile search site tailored to be used on Apple’s iPhones and iPods. In spite of growing number of problems being reported against the iPhone, the user acceptance of the device is unquestionable. iPhone is the undisputed king at present and it would take a huge effort to even pose a challenge to its position let alone dislodge it.

Many people are touting Google’s Android to be the next big thing with the potential of displacing iPhone from its venerated position. Surely its not going to easy though.

For starters, the number of iPhones that have been sold is in itself a record. Can any other phone, be it from Google or anybody else, really match that? The phone industry has been revolutionized ever since the iPhone was launched. Apple thinks differently and thinks for the users and that philosophy has been embodied in the iPhone. As of now, the iPhone seems to be the yardstick against which all other phones would be measured. Would the Google phone measure up to this high standard? This remains to be seen.

Apple’s iPhone has also got a lot of support. With companies like Yahoo, etc. offering customized offerings for the iPhone, the dominance is being further entrenched. With Mobile Me and the App Store, Apple has also strengthened its position. The controversies not withstanding, the App Store has registered record number of downloads. With the possible introduction of a subscription based iTunes in September, Apple is surely offering a whole lot of options for the users.

Google’s Android is surely facing a much tougher challenge when compared to what its search faced. The dominant search engine before Google was Yahoo. But the advantage that Google had was that Yahoo decided to bask in its glory of being the leader and did very little to further cement its position. Google took full advantage of that. But in Apple, Google has a more difficult opponent. Not only does Apple enjoy a huge fanbase but the company is always trying to improve its products.

The competition that Google would face in Apple would be something totally new for them. Going by Google’s credentials this should be a very keenly fought contest.