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As if in answer to my post on the Lenovo X300, Lenovo announced today the ThinkPad X301 notebook PC that expands its current lineup of ultrapotable laptops. The new X301 addresses a lot of drawbacks of the previous X300 series laptops.

Lenovo has spruced up the tech specs of the X301 to make it more like a traditional laptop rather than an ultraportable. The latest Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low volt processor finds its way into the heart of the X301. On the storage side, Lenovo now offers an option of choosing a 128 GB solid state device over the standard 64 GB one. This was one area where the previous X300s were found wanting.

On the performance front, Lenovo says that the X301 shows a 20% performance hike due to the use of DDR3 RAM modules and the latest Intel processor.

Detailed tech specs are still not available.

With these upgrades, the Lenovo X301 surely looks to be a very viable alternative to the Apple MacBook Air. The only thing that goes against it is the Microsoft Windows Vista that comes bundled. With superior connectivity and good options, the X301 shows Lenovo’s seriousness in competing with the likes of Apple in the ultraportable arena.

The X301 is expected to hit the stores on August 26 with a rather steep starting price of $2,599. Even then, for people who are agnostic to OS preferences, this seems to be a much better offering than the MacBook Air in terms of tech specs and options.