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Ever since Apple’s iPhone made its debut, there have been a slew of handsets from other manufactures touted to be iPhone killers. The fact that so many handsets wanted to “kill” the iPhone does indicate the dominant position that the iPhone has acquired ever since it was introduced. But sadly enough the LG Voyager, Blackberry Thunder, Samsung Instinct, etc. all failed to achieve what they set out to do. The iPhone still is the dominant phone in the market today.

The HTC Dream, some prefer to call it the GooglePhone or GPhone, seems to be newest gladiator in this colosseum where phones try to “kill” each other. The notable thing about the HTC is that its based on Google’s Android platform. The HTC Dream is yet to hit the market but there have been a lot of videos and photos going around in the blogosphere. Here’s a video:

If we go by the video then the Dream would be just another also-ran. No way is it going to kill the iPhone. The video shows that the touch screen is really unresponsive. Also the slide-out keyboard is something I never liked and neither endorsed. Just too many moving parts there. There seem to be a few applications on the phone but the video is just too blurry to make them out properly. Judging by this video, the HTC Dream does not seem to pose a threat to the iPhone unless HTC improves it drastically.

Even if HTC does improve the Dream to match the iPhone in terms of ease-of-use and performance, it will still have a very hard time dislodging the iPhone from its lofty pedestal. The Apple App Store, despite numerous reports about Apple’s policy, has been a significant success and has further cemented the iPhone position as the leader. The variety and number of applications that are already available for the iPhone are huge. For the Dream to be as successful, HTC and Google need to come up with something similar to the App Store and make sure that consumers can get their hands on applications. That would be a pretty uphill task for sure.

Needless to say, we still need to be looking forward to the Dream since its success would directly have an impact on Google’s Android. Hopefully Google would be able to muster the support of the developer community and offer a store for Android applications. Shall we call it the Dream Store?