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A San Francisco based software maker has announced that they are working on a software development kit that will enable developers to deliver VoIP applications to Apple’s iPhone over 3G networks. VoIP allows users to make phone calls over the internet. Having such an application would essentially allow users to save up on their calling minutes from AT&T.

The question is, will this be allowed or would it be crushed through legal means?

The recent admission of Steve Jobs to the existence of the kill switch in iPhones and the black listing of certain applications do not bode well for VoIP application on the iPhone. Even if a developer creates a VoIP application, will Apple permit the selling of the application through App Store? Will AT&T be happy with this? Seems very unlikely.

Suddenly it becomes very clear why Apple wants to have such a lot of control over what applications a user may or may not have on his iPhone. This policing is really becoming more and more unpalatable. Don’t such practices qualify for anti-trust cases?