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The Linux Developer Network recently released a document outlining the Linux kernel development process. If you have ever played around with the source code of the Linux kernel you can very well understand how daunting it could get. This guide attempts at making the job easier.

Though it does not describe the code, the document details things like:

  • the development process and release cycle
  • project planning
  • the coding process and common pitfalls
  • patching

    Its a pretty good start and gives a pretty good idea about how things work with the Linux kernel development.

    From the document:

    The kernel’s development process may come across as strange and intimidating to new developers, but there are good reasons and solid experience behind it. A developer who does not understand the kernel community’s ways (or, worse, who tries to flout or circumvent them) will have a frustrating experience in store. The development community, while being helpful to those who are trying to learn, has little time for those who will not listen or who do not care about the development process.

    It is hoped that those who read this document will be able to avoid that frustrating experience. There is a lot of material here, but the effort involved in reading it will be repaid in short order. The development community is always in need of developers who will help to make the kernel better;

    Happy kernel hacking!