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Best Buy, the consumer electronics retail giant, is all set to install automated kiosks across 12 US airports this month. Branded as “Best Buy Express”, consumers will be able to buy cellphone and computer accessories, flash drives, MP3 players, headphones, digital cameras, etc. from these machines.

Best Buy has partnered with ZoomSystems for these kiosks. The pricing of items will be similar to that on the Best Buy stores. These systems will be available at the airports in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta.

The intention of these kiosks is to provide consumers with the ability to buy products on the go. The kiosks have a video display on which customers can get more information on a product through a touchscreen interface. Purchases can be made using debit or credit cards.

These kiosks are really a welcome change specially for the people who travel a lot as part of their jobs. Imagine finding out that you have left your thumb drive at home in the airport. Not to worry look for the nearest Best Buy Express kiosk.

Hopefully, this concept is going to meet with enough success to warrant the roll out of such machines in other airports in and outside USA.