Looks like the rumors about Apple redesigning its laptop computers is true. In a recently bulletin Apple has asked resellers to stock up on 3 weeks worth of laptop order and 4 weeks worth of iPod orders. I have heard of Apple’s decision on redesigning the laptops, but the reason for a iPod shortage is not very clear. The latest incarnation of the iPod is relatively new. So chances are less that there would be big changes in the iPods design. A plausible reason might be that Apple would be concentrating most of its manufacturing resources on the laptops thereby starving the demand for iPods.

There have been little reported about the new laptops, Some of the things that we can expect are a one-piece all aluminum body and a glass track pad with finger gestures. Finger gestures made their debut in laptops through Apple’s MacBook Air laptops. The feature no doubt enhances usability but apart from the cool factor adds very little to the performance of the laptops.

Also its rumored that Apple might be going back to its roots and fabricating its own chipsets thus moving away from Intel. This move, in spite of Apple enjoying a one of a kind deal with Intel, is quite interesting.

Indicators point out that the changes are more likely on MacBook line rather than on the MacBook Pro line of laptops. Also there have been no reports of the desktop systems(iMac and Mac Pro) being overhauled.

So why would Apple try to have systems with different architectures in terms of the their chipsets? Having different chipsets makes the job more difficult for the engineers since now they would have to put in more development effort on their software (specially in the Mac OS) to ensure that they work consistently on both platforms.

Maybe Apple plans to move away from Intel in a phased manner and has decided to start with the MacBooks. An experiment of sorts? Could be. Moving their entire portfolio away from Intel would surely point to a company that does not have a very clear idea of where it wants to go.

The new laptops are expected to hit the retail shelves in September this year. I surely suggest that people contemplating buying MacBooks hold on till that time.