A few rumors are doing the rounds with regards to Apple and its line of notebook computers. How far they are true is difficult to say but they are quite interesting.

Firstly, Apple seems to be redesigning the look and feel of its laptops. The present designs are actually pretty dated. The latest design for the laptops incorporate a single piece aluminum body. Also the track pad is going to be glass. Well, trust Apple to push the boundary when it comes to choosing material for constructing its computers. The track pad would respond to finger gestures like the iPhone and more recently MacBook Air. Good but not great. It would rather be more beneficial if the laptop screen behaves like that of the iPhone. Imagine zooming in and pinching photographs right on the screen. A Microsoft Surface like behavior for the screen would be even better.

The second rumor is the more interesting one. Apple, it seems, is looking for alternatives to Intel chipsets for its next generation of laptops and has decided not to go in with the Montevina chipset. Very interesting news indeed. Apple’s switch to Intel is pretty recent and apparently the marriage seems to be already over. But what are the alternatives? AMD chips or the IBM Cell processor? Neither seem very likely. Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi, a mobile CPU developer, suddenly seems to make sense. Is Apple planning to go back to its old ways of using its own chipsets? Does not seem very unlikely given that in the past Apple used to do this. Very recently Psystar tried to sell its own computers with Mac OS X installed. Even though Apple is currently suing the company, Psystar has definitely touched a nerve here. So it may be possible that the Psystar episode has prompted Apple to go back to its original ways.

Lets wait and watch.